Themed Tours ... 

For our themed tours we have tried to focus the tour on one overriding theme for the day.  We have selected different wineries that fit well into each category, providing for a full day of wine tasting within the concept that you like best.

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Boutique Winery Tour

Visit the most quaint wineries in Napa.  Each is a small winery producing excellent wines.  At some you may even taste with a member of the family.  Although we usually try to limit the number of wineries that require reservations, given the size of these wineries they are usually by reservation only.  Therefore, a little extra planning will be required but we think you will find the work well worth while if you want to visit some of the off the beaten path wineries. Please Note; Sine all of the wineries on this tour are by appointment only, if you are traveling on short notice, you may want to consider a different tour. 

Organic Wineries of Napa

More and more people are tending towards organic wines.  Some have found that the organic approach to wine making resulting in lower sulfites have reduced or even eliminated their wine headaches.  Others just like the idea of eliminating all of the pesticides and producing a completely organic wine.  Whatever your interest is in organic wines we have designed this tour with you in mind.  We continue to update this tour as we find more and more interesting wineries using organic practices.  When possible we include wineries that are certified organic or biodynamic. 

A Touch of Sparkling 

Are you a fan of sparkling wine?  There are only a few wineries in Napa that make sparking wines so we have made sure to add the best of them to this tour.  Even though there are only a few they are far apart and vary greatly in quality and value.  Selection is key if you really want to make the most of your day so we have taken the guess work out of it for you.  It is an excellent mix of both sparking and still wines.  

Bike Tour of Calistoga in Napa

Visiting wineries by bicycle is quite different that visiting by car. You really get a chance to enjoy some of the wonderful sights and smells of Napa. We chose Calistoga because it is a fairly flat area, and fairly easy to bike. The tour is relaxing and enjoyable.  All of the wineries are open without appointment so spend as much time as you want at each winery along the way.  This tour really is fun if you want to try wine tasting in a completely different fashion.

Wine Tasting for Less

It used to be that wine tasting was free at most of the wineries, in the hopes that you would taste and buy their wines.  As tourism has grown, more and more people now visit the wine country for the experience more than the opportunity to buy wine.  Therefore, most of the wineries have increased their tasting fees to offset the cost.  Some wineries are charging $25-$50 per person for tastings.  Some are worth the higher fee ... and some aren't.  If you search hard enough, which we have, you can still find wineries that are offering less expensive tastings.  We include one of the hidden gems that is producing some of the best wines in Napa and as of our last visit, they still are not charging a tasting fee.  This tour focuses on a wonderful combination of good wines and inexpensive tasting fees. 


Organic Wineries of  Sonoma

Both Napa and Sonoma have a large number of wineries that are farming organically.  You can chose a day visiting organic wineries in either region. 

A Touch of Sparkling 

Similar to Napa, there are only a few wineries in Napa that make sparking wines but one of them is one of our favorite wineries in all of Sonoma.  They are even further apart than in Napa and vary greatly in quality and value therefore selection is key if you want to make the most of your day.  We have included our two favorites along with some other wineries to make it a complete day of wine tasting.   

Bike Tour of Dry Creek in Sonoma

Our bike tour of Dry Creek is a real treat. You will spend most of the day on a small back road in the Dry Creek Valley enjoying the wonderful sights and smells of Sonoma.  Along the way, you will visit the best wineries that Dry Creek Valley has to offer. We chose Dry Creek because of the combination of the tranquility along with the quality of the wineries.  It is definitely a day to enjoy.

Wine Tasting for Less

Sonoma still has several wineries that don't charge a tasting fee but that is changing daily.  We will try to send you to at least one or two nice wineries that don't charge a fee, but please understand the wineries have the right to change that without notice.  We apologize in advance if they have instituted a fee without our knowledge, but even with a small fee these wineries are well worth visiting.  It's a fun day no matter what!