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The first thing we recommend in planning a tour of Napa or Sonoma is trying to limit the amount of time you spend driving.  If you choose wineries that are too far apart, you will spend most of your day driving rather than enjoying wine.  If you only have one day, choose to visit either Napa or Sonoma.  Don't try to visit both valleys in one day.  Once you decide on the valley you want to visit you can then decide whether you want to visit the Southern, Central or Northern areas of that Valley. 

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Napa - Northern

Northern Napa stretches all the way to Calistoga.  When visiting northern Napa on Highway 29 you will drive through the prettiest part of Napa as the highway narrows down to a 2-lane tree lined highway and travels through the quaint towns of St. Helena and Calistoga.  For this tour you will spend your time on Silverado Trail which is to the east, and will allow you to avoid the heavier traffic which is often found on Highway 29.  This tour includes a little known organic winery that is producing wonderful wine and the owner wine maker has retained much of the old Napa charm that is seldom found in Napa these days.  Overall it is a great day tasting excellent wines while enjoying a wonderful slice of the beautiful views of Napa.  The DIFM tour includes a trip up Spring Mountain for a special cave tasting of mountain fruit. 

Napa - Central

Central Napa includes the highly acclaimed Stag's Leap District as well as Howell Mountain.  This area is known for it's Cabernet and especially it's mountain fruit.  We have gone to great lengths to find some of the hidden gems in this area.  The wineries on the mountainside are well hidden so you won't stumble across them if you visit Napa without a plan.   If you want to visit some boutique wineries this is the tour for you but if you are a last minute visitor to Napa choose another tour as small family wineries are by appointment and are very difficult to book on short notice.   

Napa - Southern  

The most southern area of Napa is Carneros.  Carneros is known for its cooler climate with breezes coming off the bay.  It is the ideal location for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.  Although many of the wineries of Carneros feature other wines, if your interest is Pinot Noir or Chardonnay this is the area of choice.  This is a tour that offers tremendous flexibility as the tour includes mostly wineries that are open without appointment.  Although Carneros can get busy on the weekends it is far South of the heavier traffic areas of Napa so it can be an excellent choice on a busy Saturday or Sunday in Napa.

Napa - Eastern  

This tour takes place east of the Silverado Trail.  It is a much less traveled area of Napa.  There isn't a great concentration of wineries in this area and all of the wineries on this tour are off the beaten path.  It is a wonderful day of wine tasting as you will be enjoying wineries that most people do not visit.  Please Note; Three of the four wineries on this tour are by appointment only.  If you are traveling on short notice you should consider a different tour as this may be very difficult to book without advance notice.     



Sonoma - Northern

Are you a fan of Zinfandel and Syrah?  Our tour of northern Sonoma visits some wonderful wineries in the Dry Creek area, which is known for it's Zinfandel.  We have also found some excellent Syarh's up there as well.  Although they feature Zinfandel or Syrah most of the wineries in the Dry Creek area have a full line of varietals so you will enjoy a well rounded day of wine tasting.

Sonoma - Central

The central area of Sonoma houses some of the best wineries of Sonoma.  We included a wonderful winery that is organic, a winery where you will taste in the cave and another winery where you will get an opportunity to taste Italian varietals.  It also includes one the prettiest wineries in all of Sonoma.  Although this winery is not near as boutique as it used to be, it is still worth visiting as it stunning and they produce some excellent wines. 

Sonoma - Southern

The most southern area of Sonoma is also in the Carneros region.  The Sonoma side of Carneros is not as well known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but more so for it's history and a full array of wine varietals. The Sonoma side of Carneros houses some of the oldest wineries in the wine country.  If you are seeking an economical day of wine tasting this is probably the tour of choice as the northern Sonoma area still has wineries that have some of the lowest priced tastings throughout all of Napa & Sonoma.  Therefore we have designed this tour with the cost conscious wine ethusiast in mind.  

Sonoma - Russian River Valley

The Russian River Valley is recognized for producing some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the world.  If you are a fan of either grape this is a day that is dedicated to tasting the best of the best.  Russian River Valley is to the west, nearer to the Sonoma Coast.  Please Note; Three of the wineries on this tour are by appointment only.  If you are traveling on short notice you should consider a different tour as this may be very difficult to book without advance notice.