Self-Guided Wine Tours of Napa and Sonoma

Whether you are a wine novice or a connoisseur, you can enjoy a well designed tour of Napa or Sonoma Valley ... easily!  We give you all you need to create an excellent itinerary and set out for a day or two or three of hassle free wine tasting throughout the wine country.  With over 800 wineries in the area, take advantage of our years of experience and let us help you pick the best wineries to visit.  You can add in some of your favorites or just visit our recommended wineries.  Our recommendations include the best wineries with the friendliest staff, best ambiance and the finest wines. Please note, everything we provide you with can be found on the internet if you want to do the research. We just make it much easier for you because we have already visited many of the great wineries and plenty of the not so great wineries ... we help you enjoy the best and avoid the rest! 

Ready-MaDe DIY Tours

We have selected 4-5 wineries, many open without appointments.  We provide you with all you need to visit great wineries for a day.

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Customized DIY Tours

Want a tour that is made just for you based upon your personal interests?  We are happy to design a special tour specifically for you.

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