• Tour Like a Local
  • Visit Great Wineries
  • Very Flexible Plan
  • Picnic Lunch Location
Only $19.95
  • The Enthusiast plus ...
  • 2 wineries where you
    will receive VIP special treatment
Only $49.95
  • Custom Designed.
  • Based on Your Interests
  • Includes special VIP Tastings
Only $149.95
Thank you so much for the fantastic tour of Napa! There were more wineries than we could visit but we were able to easily skip a few based on time and location so that we could fully enjoy the others. It was a perfect day. Rich L
Every aspect of our trip was thoughtfully designed to ensure a fabulous experience... the beautiful boutique wineries with breathtaking views... the fabulous bike tour through Sonoma... the wonderful picnics. Thank you! Dena B
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Here’s what you get with every tour:

  • 6-8 specially selected wineries; chosen due to the quality of the wine,
    the ambiance of the winery and the special experience provided by the staff.
  • A detailed description of each winery.
  • A recommended winery for a picnic lunch.
  • A recommendation of where to get food for your picnic lunch.
  • Hours of operation for each winery.
  • The tasting fees for each winery so that you can properly plan your costs for the day.
  • Tour information for each winery so you can decide whether to do a tour and tasting or just
    the tasting alone.
  • Sample itineraries to give you a few ideas of how you can plan your day and adjust as you go.
  • A map of the wineries so you can easily proceed through the day.

Each tour includes a “Tour Design”, a story board for the day, which includes a discussion of why the winery was selected and the recommended order to visit the wineries. The Tour Design includes a recommendation of which wineries are “don’t miss” wineries, and which ones to drop if you start later or spend extra time at a winery that you really enjoyed. It is a guide, more than a plan, as the tour day is very flexible and totally up to you!


The Enthusiast Tour is the easiest and least expensive option. If you have never been to the wine country you can follow this tour guide effortlessly and enjoy an incredible day. We have done all the research for you. Rather than choose from 400 wineries you choose from 8. You can visit as few or as many of them as you want. We show you how.

The VIP Tour is a step up from the Enthusiast Tour as we include two wineries where they will welcome you as a VIP. Your VIP tasting may include a "2 for 1" tasting, a free upgrade to their reserve wines, a chance to savor library wines or possibly a special tasting in their barrel room. No matter what, it will be a treat and a true value.
The Custom Tour is a tour that we design especially for you. We send you a questionnaire to find out what varietals of grapes you prefer, what you enjoy most about wineries, and which wineries you may have visited in the past. Then we design a special tour just for you that is sure to be a day that you will long remember!


And No Expiration - You aren't booking a tour, you are getting a tour guide. You can buy it today, for yourself or a friend, and use it whenever you want. Now that you know which tour package you prefer... lets look at the tours themselves.

Making Your Day Special . . . Making it a Day to Remember