Sonoma County Region

Sonoma County spans 50 miles from Carneros in the South to Alexander Valley in the North. Wineries of Sonoma County are less concentrated than in Napa, therefore, without a plan you could spend most of your day looking for wineries, rather than enjoying the charm of regions.
Three Different Types of Tour Packages
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Each tour covers one day and 6-8 wineries. You receive a map and a detailed plan for the day, discussing each winery and a recommended order to visit them. We even discuss options to adjust your day as it unfolds in case you decide to stay longer at one winery or add an additional winery along the way. We make it EASY to have a GREAT Day! Learn more by clicking here.



The Enthusiast Tour includes:
  • Self-guided tour of 6 wineries
  • 2 additional wineries in case you have extra time
  • Detailed description including "Don't Miss" recommendation
  • Recommended location for a picnic lunch
  • A map pinpointing the wineries

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The VIP Tour includes:
  • All items from Wine Enthusiast Tour
  • VIP treatment for 2 at two special wineries
  • VIP number to obtain VIP treatment

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The Custom Tour includes:
  • Personalized questionnaire to customize your tour
  • Custom designed tour of 4-6 wineries
  • Special VIP treatment at 2-3 wineries
  • Recommended location for a picnic lunch
  • Customized interactive map
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The western side of Carneros is home to some of the oldest wineries in the wine country. A visit to the Sonoma side of Carneros will provide you with both excellent wines and a history of the wine country that you won’t get anywhere else. While the wineries in Carneros produce everything from Pinot Gris to Zinfandel, the Carneros region is well known for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, producing both varietal and sparkling wines. The Carneros tour will give you a chance to taste them all, but the real treat is the charm and character of the Carneros wineries.
Sonoma Valley
Sonoma County is made up of numerous small regions, one of which is Sonoma Valley. Sonoma Valley is not only the namesake of the region it includes some of the best wines in the county, and one of the most beautiful wineries in all of Sonoma. While we always try to highlight one or two “Don’t Miss” wineries, the tour of Sonoma Valley includes 3 don’t miss wineries. It is a day packed full of excellent wineries, and some of the best wines in Sonoma County.
Russian River Valley
Are you a fan of Pinot Noir? If so, this is the tour for you. Russian River is known for producing some of the best Pinot Noir in the entire Wine Country. The cool air coming in from the Pacific Ocean provides the perfect climate for growing the finicky Pinot Noir grape. If you are not a fan of Pinot Noir, it is probably because you have never tasted great Pinot Noir. As a part of this tour, you will visit 4 boutique wineries that produce some incredible Pinot Noir.
Dry Creek / Alexander Valley
Dry Creek is Zinfandel country. While the producers in Dry Creek grow numerous different grapes the area is well known for its production of Zinfandel. Dry Creek is made up almost exclusively of boutique wineries. Our Dry Creek tour will help you to focus on the boutique wineries producing the better wines while enjoying wineries that have some incredible ambiance. Like so many of our tours, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of wine being produced by these little known wineries.
Organic Wineries of Sonoma
Organic wineries are becoming well recognized for their approach to wine making, and Sonoma is home to several wineries that have elevated to biodynamic farming. We have designed a wonderful tour of Sonoma that will introduce you to several wineries make incredible organic wines, and one that has focused on making wines that are very low in sulfites. This is a great chance to taste wines that are not only excellent, they are organic.
Bike Tour of Dry Creek
Do you like to bike? Our bike tour of Dry Creek is a real treat. You will spend most of the day on a small back road in the Dry Creek Valley enjoying the wonderful sights and smells of Sonoma. And along the way, you will visit the best wineries that Dry Creek Valley has to offer. We chose Dry Creek because of the combination of the tranquility along with the quality of the wineries. It is definitely a day to enjoy.

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