Napa Valley Region

Napa Valley covers 25 miles from the city of Napa to the town of Calistoga. While Napa is easy to travel, with only two main roads, finding the best wineries of Napa is quite a challenge. We use our years of relationships to introduce you to the very best wineries of Napa.
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Each tour covers one day and 6-8 wineries. You receive a map and a detailed plan for the day, discussing each winery and a recommended order to visit them. We even discuss options to adjust your day as it unfolds in case you decide to stay longer at one winery or add an additional winery along the way. We make it EASY to have a GREAT Day! Learn more by clicking here.




The Enthusiast Tour includes:
  • Self-guided tour of 6 wineries
  • 2 additional wineries in case you have extra time
  • Detailed description including "Don't Miss" recommendation
  • Recommended location for a picnic lunch
  • A map pinpointing the wineries

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The VIP Tour includes:
  • All items from
    Wine Enthusiast Tour
  • VIP treatment for 2 at two special wineries
  • VIP number to obtain VIP treatment

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The Custom Tour includes:
  • Personalized questionnaire to customize your tour
  • Custom designed tour of 4-6 wineries
  • Special VIP treatment at 2-3 wineries
  • Recommended location for a picnic lunch
  • Customized interactive map
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This tour focuses on the wineries in the Carneros region which is at the foot of both Napa and Sonoma. Carneros is a cooler area of the wine country and it is known for the production of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. The Napa side of Carneros has some wonderful boutique wineries making some excellent Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The day ends with a visit to one of the prettiest wineries in Napa where you will sip sparkling wine while enjoying the most beautiful view in Carneros.
St. Helena / Spring Mountain
Spring Mountain is located west of Rt. 29 in the city of St. Helena. The St. Helena/ Spring Mountain tour includes both wineries on the valley floor in St. Helena as well as wineries on Spring Mountain. Mountain fruit is some of the best fruit in Napa due to the stress on the vines for the roots to grow deep to find the water needed to flourish. This tour will take you to the top of Spring Mountain to visit an excellent winery that has actually been chosen to provide the wine for dinners at the White House. A tour of both the valley wineries and the mountain wineries will give you a chance to taste the tremendous difference in the wines.
St. Helena / Howell Mountain
Howell Mountain is located east of the Silverado Trail on the other side of the city of St. Helena. Howell Mountain is well known for its mountain fruit, and has given rise to some of the finest and most expensive wines being produced in Napa. The wines from Howell Mountain are often more concentrated in both flavor and intensity. The St. Helena/Howell Mountain tour includes wineries on the valley floor as well as wineries on Howell Mountain, but you are in for a real treat when you picnic high on the mountain side enjoying an incredible view of the valley. This tour is a wonderful combination of St. Helena and Howell Mountain wineries, and they are producing some exceptional wines.
Calistoga is at the Northern end of Napa Valley and is home to Chateau Montelena, the winery that produced the legendary Chardonnay that won the French competition “Judgment in Paris” in 1973. Although Chateau Montelena is included in our tour, it is not one of the “Don't Miss” wineries, as Calistoga is now home to numerous wineries that are producing excellent wines, and one winery that has the most unique view of the valley. It is easy to now devote a wonderful day to touring the wineries of Calistoga.
Oakville / Rutherford
In the heart of Napa Valley the towns of Rutherford and Oakville produce some wonderful wines. Oakville is well recognized for wineries such as Robert Mondavi and Opus One. We have found numerous smaller wineries that are producing incredible wines, and one winery that is using one of the biggest names in Napa as their winemaker. That winery alone makes this wine tour special, but the tour also includes several other lesser known wineries that will really impress with the quality of their wines. A visit to Oakville and Rutherford will bring you back to Napa time and time again.
Stags Leap District / Yountville
The Stags Leap District is a small region on the Silverado Trail to the east of Yountville. It is known for producing excellent wines throughout the region. It is surprising how many good wineries exist in the small area of Stags Leap District, and adding a few of the best wineries of Yountville makes for a great day of tasting. You will learn one of the most interesting battles of early Napa as two wineries fought for the rights to continue their heritage. You will also drink some excellent wines in the process as this area is well recognized for producing some of the best wines in the Valley. Many visitors declare Stags Leap District to be their favorite area in all of Napa.
Organic Wineries of Napa
More and more people are becoming interested in organic products and the wine industry has become a big part of that push. Therefore, we designed a tour that visits wineries that are growing their grapes organically, are certified organic or are bio dynamic. While there is no shortage of organic wineries we limited this trip to the best producing wineries, therefore, unlike the other tours, this tour will cover several regions.
Bike Tour of Calistoga
Do you like to bike? Visiting wineries by bicycle is quite different that visiting by car. You really get a chance to enjoy some of the wonderful sights and smells of Napa. We chose Calistoga because it is a fairly flat area, and fairly easy to bike. The tour encompasses many of the same wineries as our Calistoga tour, and it really is a treat if you want to try wine tasting in a completely different fashion.

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